Saturday, February 18, 2017

rachel and adam whitney

Rachel and Adam Whitney came to Boone a few weeks ago to see the Penland coordinators exhibition. We hung out at my studio for a while and then we went over to the show and then grabbed dinner. Adam pulled out some of the stirrup cups that he had been working on at Penland earlier in the week. He had the copper one that was his initial "study" and then two fine silver cups; one completed and one in progress. The fine silver cups started as a ingot and was hammered out and then raised. I've seen Adam's work in the past and I have always been a fan of what he makes, but these particular pieces blew me away. I was truly speechless while handling them. I think the waitress felt the same way. Man, it was SO GOOD to see these two. I was so invigorated by their visit and inspired by what Rachel and Adam are doing. I feel so lucky to be living here because the following weekend Rachel brought Seth Gould and Andrew Hayes with her to the opening and they came past my studio. We geeked out over old tools and talked "shop". I need to get back down to see these two at Penland when I can hang out for a while. It's so cool to talk to other people that are passionate about making things and working in metal. I just want to hang out with people like this all the time. 

penland coordinator's exhibition

A few weeks ago the Penland coordinator's exhibition opened at the Turchin Center on App State's campus. I went over to the show the week before the opening with Rachel and Adam Whitney. One of my former graduate students from Milwaukee, Jay Fox, is the coordinator of the printmaking area and he had work on display. This was such a great show! I was so glad to be able to take it in Rachel and Adam. The next week I met up with Jay at the show. So proud to see his latest work and to see how things have developed since grad school.